What's the difference between a membership and buying a tutorial individually?


With our Membership packages you have access to our entire library of tutorials, ALONG with our member only tutorials, live streamed demos/lessons, cake calculators, design calculators, member-only articles and facebook community for only low monthly (or annual) cost. You only have access to this content as long as you’re a paying member.

**However, if you “purchase” tutorials using your download points, you will have access to those even if you cancel (massive BONUS!)  

You can cancel easily with a click of a button at anytime! No contract!


Buying Individual Tutorials:

When you buy an individual tutorial, you get unlimited life-time access to that tutorial. You will have access to the tutorial page, allowing you to watch the videos and get all the other important notes. To access all the tutorials you’ve purchased, just go to “My Purchased Tutorials“, under “My Account” (your avatar) tab. Please note, you do need to have a free account to access your tutorials. You can create one by logging in through Facebook or by creating your own Username and Password.

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