What are download points and how do I use them?

Download points are one of the most unique and highly beloved features of having a membership with Avalon Cakes.

Have you ever been a part of a membership where you pay a monthly fee to access a ton of great content? And you love it!! But you sorta feel like you’re renting the space and you wish you could own the bricks? Sooo you want to own some bricks… I mean, videos?!

Every 30 days of membership (Classic or Premium), you gain points towards downloading select tutorials to KEEPYes…. I said, to KEEP, like…forrreeevver.

So let’s sum it up… As a member, you get access to ALL the videos, calculators, recipes, pictorials, articles and forums….AND you gain points towards owning some of your favorite tutorials, JUST FOR BEING A MEMBER!


You get access to download points EVERY 30 DAYS OF MEMBERSHIP 

  • Classic Members receive 10 points/per month
  • Premium Members receive 25 points/per month
  • Points DO NOT expire!
  • Points rollover from month to month, allowing you to save your points, or purchase tutorials as you go!
  • You can earn extra points by 

    sharing on social media (see the "Share For Points" tab under every video tutorial)



Points are equal to dollars in value, so if the tutorial costs $15, it will cost 15 points.

$1 = 1 point

How to Redeem Your Points for Tutorials 

  • While signed in, go to your Points dashboard and click "Redeem Your Points In The Shop
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  • Add your desired tutorials to the cart.
  • When you checkout be sure to click the “Pay With Download Points” as your payment!


  • The points will be deducted and that tutorial is officially yours!
  • Go here to view your library of Purchased Tutorials.
    • You will have access to these tutorials through that page as long as your are a user on Avalon Cakes page (so if you cancel your membership, you can still sign in as a “free” member and access your library. You MUST use the same username and password.)


-Download Points can only be used to “purchase” tutorials.
-Download Points CANNOT be used to redeem for the following: Membership dues, physical products and gift certificates.
-Download Points CANNOT be exchanged for money of any sort.
-Spamming and/or abusive behavior is not acceptable in any form. Points will be deleted and can result in permanent deletion of account.
-We have the right to take away points as deemed necessary for any reason. (Don’t worry, chances are we won’t!)

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